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Starting off with a spam email that claims, “Kevin and Mark go all in on Shark Tank,” and leading to a page that starts off with, “Miracle Weight Loss Pill That Naturally Burns Fat Nets Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History! We Get The First Look For Readers,” this scam goes overboard trying to look like they’re talking about a real Shark Tank deal.

DO NOT purchase this product based on this false representation.

In an effort to convince consumers that their product really did land a deal on Shark Tank, they’ve included a picture of the presentation. Can’t argue with a picture, right?

Or can you. Check this photo of the ACTUAL SHARK TANK PITCH:

Like the sign says, Scammers, “YOU SMELL.”

Digging deeper into their Shark Tank lie, the cons have even include a FABRI-QUOTE from Barbara Corcoran in the sidebar where she supposedly says, “It’s the lack of a single ingredient that prevents so many people from losing weight!”


If, for some reason I can’t begin to fathom, you decide to move forward and purchase the product, you’ll land on a page where you can sign up for your “Risk Free” trial offer.

You’ll need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find the Terms & Conditions but, if you do, you’ll be a rare consumer indeed. Most people just wander obliviously into the ordering process. That said, if you did read the terms, you’d find this:

“When you place your initial order by checking that you agree to the terms and clicking the “Rush My Trial” button, we will send you 1 bottle (a 30 day supply) of our product. If you don’t cancel your Slimming Garcinia trial before the end of the 14-day trial time, you will be charged the full price of $79.95 for the trial product in hand and every thirty days thereafter, you will be charged $79.95 and automatically receive an additional 30 day supply of our product.”

Well, doesn’t that sound like fun?!

Just don’t do it. We’ll all lose weight running away from this scam!!


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