About Us

CelebriCHECK investigates and reveals scams that use fake celebrity endorsements, implied associations with companies, and false media connections to convince consumers to purchase their products.

CelebriCHECK is the brainchild of Christine Durst, an internet fraud investigator and scam expert.

For years, Durst has been helping celebrities to find scammers who are using their names and images, and the consumers who may fall prey to those scams.

No name is more synonymous with Internet scam-busting and virtual work than Christine Durst.

Chris founded the Virtual Assistance industry in 1995, designed the first virtual-careers training programs for the US State Department and the Armed Forces, and has regularly addressed the Foreign Service Institute before audiences from US embassies and consulates internationally.

In her development and delivery of these programs, Durst encountered an extraordinary number of people who had been victims of online scams. She reacted by using her knowledge of Internet forensics to “bust” scammers and teaching consumers to protect themselves online.

Durst has been a regular guest on CNN Newsroom as an Internet fraud and safety expert. She appeared on ABC News 20/20 after aiding their investigative team in a 9-month investigation of a work-at-home scam that was draining millions of dollars a month from consumers.

She aided the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in “Operation Shortchange” – an investigation that resulted in the filing of suits against over a dozen scam organizations – and has consulted with them on other scam investigations. Chris has also briefed the FBI on an international scam that is rooted in Cyprus and Brazil, and has ties into the United States’ mid-west.

Named “America’s Ultimate Work at Home Expert” by Woman’s World Magazine, Chris and her company have appeared in/on ABC News 20/20, The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America, The Tyra Banks Show, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, ABCNews.com, MSNBC, Fox Business, Forbes, USA Today, The Washington Post, and many others.

Durst has addressed such groups as:

  • United Nations Division for Social Policy and Development
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • New York State Department of Education – VESID
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Association
  • The President’s Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities
  • Small Business Administration
  • Microsoft’s Aging Workforce Summit
  • Association of Job Search Trainers
  • Department of Defense Spouse Employment Conference
  • National Association of REALTORS
  • US Department of State
  • 50+ US Military Bases around the world
  • and many others

Durst is also a partner in RatRaceRebellion.com – the Internet’s premiere site for screened legitimate work from home jobs.

If your name, likeness and reputation are being used and abused by scammers and you’re ready to shut them down, email me at chris@CelebriCHECK.com or call me at (860) 933-1471.