Alzheimer’s Defense Program

Affiliates of the Alzheimer’s Defense Program are sending spam email with Betty White’s photo and claims that, “This is what the doctor gave her,” to keep her mind sharp. Similar programs and approaches go by the names “Memory Repair Protocol” and “Quantam Memory System,” but other names will almost certainly pop up, so beware any product that looks like this one.

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE endorsements!

This one has arrived as spam in my email with the subject lines:

  • Best tips to cure your memory!!
  • Shocking Video- The Cause Of Memory Loss!
  • How to RAISE your brain??
  • Simple “Mind Exercise” Makes You As Sharp As You Were In Your 18s.
  • How to SAVE your brain against memory loss..

If you click on the link in the spam email, it leads instead to a site that features an interminably long video about pharmaceutical conspiracy and a miracle cure.

If you try to leave the page, you’ll get a pop-up message that tries to get you to stay on the page. I mean, after all, they’re giving you insider information – don’t you want it?!

As you scroll down the loooong sales pitch page, you’ll eventually find a picture of “Dr. Fred Turner.” Take a GOOD LOOK AT THIS PICTURE – especially the background!

NOW… have a look at this picture of Karen O’Malley, PhD in her office (you can see the original image here). Look familiar? Yeah, I think so too. Looks to me like the pirated her picture and Photoshopped in a new image on the computer monitor and placed “Dr. Turner over Dr. O’Malley but, other than that, the books are the same, the pictures in the frame on the desk are the same, well… everything is the same.

Now, I can’t say whether the product/program has any merit, but I can say that these types of marketing techniques give me pause and make me more than a little skeptical about the merit of any claims made. How about you?


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