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Maybe I missed something, but did Taylor Swift EVER have a weight issue? Apparently, that doesn’t matter to these scammers who have set up a page to look like the Women’s Health magazine site and created a web of lies about Taylor and her love of their products. She does NOT endorse these products!

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements.

As you know, I often share FABRIQUOTES (never-uttered quotes that are fabricated by scammers and attributed to celebrities) but, in this case, they took a different route. Instead, they made a statement that is supposed to paraphrase something she has said”

“Taylor Swift claims this supplement combination has been the key to recovering her famous midsection. In preparing for her Photo and Video shoots, she uses both these products to burn fat and increase energy levels.”

More a FABRICLAIM than a fabriquote, but just as bogus.

But they don’t stop there. This scammer has pirated before & after photos posted by real people who have shared their success online.

Take a look at the photo of “Suzanne Pischner” they’ve included on their site – complete with kudos to Body by Design Garcinia and Body By Design Green Coffee.

Well, “Suzanne” is actually Sarah – a mom who runs a crafting blog called Repeat Crafter Me.

The self-proclaimed “crafter, crocheter and crockpotter” really did lose weight, but she DID NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS to do it.

She made a post here about her success with Weight Watchers and that’s where you’ll see the photos that the scammers stole and used on their site.

This always pisses me off! People work so hard to lose weight and these ruthless cons think they have the right to steal their photos and make up stories about how EASY it was to lose weight.

If the fact that they have gone to such great lengths to deceive you is not enough to keep you from trying the product, I’d like you to consider their “Free Trial” offer.

As I mention in so many of my posts FREE CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE! Take a look at this snippet from their Terms & Conditions:

In short – your FREE offer signs you up for an AUTO-SHIP, AUTO-CHARGE program that is going to cost you nearly $90 EVERY 30 DAYS!

Enough said!


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