CLA Slim Quick Scam

Unless “CLA” stands for “Clearly Lying A**holes,” this so called “greatest step forward in weightloss [sic] history” is selling nonsense by the bottle! The only thing faker than CLA Slim Quick’s product are the celebrity endorsements the scam is using.

You know what the Sharks, Oprah, Megan Mullally, Sandra Bullock, and Eva Longoria all have in common? They all appear on the CLA Slim Quick diet pill promotional web story. You know what else they all have in common? NONE of them actually endorse (or likely even know of) this product!

The only “sharks” backing this weight loss miracle malarkey are the scammers who smelled blood in the water and chance to make a quick buck on a few famous faces, brands, and testiphonials.

What They’re Shoveling

The scam announces that “every judge on Shark Tank backed this product.” They shovel a great story about Anna and Samantha Martin bursting into tears of joy and sharing a bottle of champagne with the Sharks. If you do a quick web search (and CelebricCHECK has), you’ll see that the Anna and Samantha champagne-and-tears story promotes a range of weight pills, aging creams, and other particularly scammy products.

Even if the scam sells a nice story, it shares that story word-for-word with another scam….


One of those images is for the scam CelebriCHECK received in an email with the subject, “Shark Tank: Mark Cuban shows his life changing product.” The other we found by web search. One is for CLA Slim Quick, the other is for Refresh Garcinia. Both offer the same dosage of BS.

Testiphonials & Shoddy Workmanship

If the misuse of the Sharks brand wasn’t enough, how about the celebrity photos and testiphonials section: Also pictured are Megan Mullally, Sandra Bullock, and Eva Longoria. Each replete with FABRICATED quotes.

Still not enough? Okay, well, the website itself looks “real” enough at a glance, but really falls apart once you try to interact with it. The social media bar, for example, is a photo image and not an actual page element. The scam site has a header that looks like any generic gossip news site, but every button takes you to the same CLA scam story.

Also, CLA-SLQ Entertainment, really guys? It’s almost like the only thing the site discusses is CLA SLim Quick… oh, wait…


Before & After Lies

It wouldn’t be a proper weight loss scam without some before and after pictures. “Lacey Johnson” (far right) is one such example. Her real name is Ginny, and she achieved her weight loss with a change of diet, lifestyle, and surgery. Click here to see Ginny’s real page and read her story.

“Andrea Spender,” (near right) is really Kate Writer. Kate, like Ginny, has nothing to do with CLA Slim Quick! She earned her weight change through careful diet changes and an exercise regimen that helped her lose over 115 pounds in under a year. You can learn more about Kate and her REAL weight loss story by clicking here.

Ginny, Kate, and others have had their accomplishments and efforts HIJACKED by CLA Slim Quick in the name of a quick buck. Do them a favor by NOT falling victim to the CLA scammers!


The Down & Dirty

CLA Slim Quick did not get Mark Cuban, Oprah, or any other celebrities on their site, and you shouldn’t let them get you either! The scammers are offering a 30 day risk free offer. After reading the fine print in the Terms & Conditions, CelebriCHECK has amended their pitch to better reflect their actual offer.

The CLA Slim Quick scam is slightly unique. Unlike delayed payment scams the customer pays shipping and handling upfront, but seems to actually get the first bottle of CLA Slim Quick for “free.” From there, things get NASTY in a hurry. The 30 day sample comes with an automatic resupply on a monthly basis at $68 dollars per bottle. In addition, the customer finds that they’ve been signed up for member access to a memory enhancement site. So expect $39.95 tacked on for continued enrollment in that scam as well. Grand monthly total: $107.95 + shipping & handling.

Oh, and in typical scam site style, the only way to cancel is by phone, which you can bet is only manned at very periodic hours. On the plus side, all those angry calls are going to a toll free number!

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