Feedback Survey Scams Using Big Companies to Lure You In!

Scammers are using Amazon, Macy’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Sephora, Sam’s Club, CVS and other well-known corporate names to lure people into wasting their money on shoddy products. They bait consumers in with an email asking them to take a survey, but the surveys aren’t real – they’re just a pathway to the scam.

DO NOT purchase this product based on this false representation.

This is a NEW TRICK for scammers!

Email boxes around the globe are filling up with “opportunities” to get a reward from some big name companies. Subject lines include, but are not limited to:

  • “Claim your Amazon Prime reward points for last month’s purchases and use towards your next purchase.”
  • “Your Amazon experience just got so much better.”
  • “If you love Macy’s, don’t miss these specials.”
  • “CVS 50 Extra bonus BUCKS Rewards”
  • “A $50 CVS Gift Card Yours Participation Required.”
  • “CVS Reward Giveaway”
  • “Get your $50.00 Same-As-Cash discount for all your CVS purchases today!”
  • “A gift from CVS is waiting for you.”
  • “Can you use an extra Fifty Dollars the next time you shop CVS?”
  • “Your walmart-rewards 79997394 will no longer be available after Wednesday”
  • “Sam’s Club-Gift-Card, $50 Value, Participation Required”
  • “Walgreens monthly-reward (50) will be expiring this weekend”
  • “Convert your Costco Customer Reward Points today and use them online or in-store”
  • “Collect Your $50  Sephora Reward, Details  Inside”
  • “You have costco-rewards expiring”
  • “Notice: Verify your Walgreen Account”
  • “Amazon weekly reward (50) will expire”
  • “You simply won’t believe Amazon Prime’s offer today”

If you click on the link, you’ll land on a page that tells you you’ll have to take a survey to get your reward. (Great, so they waste your time before trying to get you to waste your money. What’s not to love about that?!)

If you move forward with the survey (and I don’t suggest you do), you’ll be asked a few meaningless questions just to make you feel like you’re giving them something of value.

Upon completion, you’ll reach a page that showcases your REWARD or even offers you a a choice of rewards. THIS IS WHERE THE SCAM RUBBER HITS THE ROAD!!

EVERY “reward” you can choose is a TRAP. Look at the image below…

For the purposes of this post, I selected the top offer – the “anti-aging skin cream” and clicked on the “Claim Reward” link.


That link led me directly to this page and, if you’ve been reading my other posts, you know this is BAD NEWS!

You see, the “reward” is a “free bottle” of this junk, but you have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. Alas, as soon as you enter your credit card details to cover that charge, you’re signed up for an AUTO-SHIP, AUTO-CHARGE program that’s covered in their well-hidden Terms.

It reads:

“If you do not cancel, in writing, before the end of the 14-day trial use period, you will be charged the full $89.95 retail purchase price for the Product received (i.e., to your credit/debit card on file) and you will be automatically enrolled for a Subscription.

Subscription – Customers enrolled for a Subscription will automatically receive a 30 day supply of the Product approximately every 30 days, without any further action on your part. As consideration for each 30 day supply, we will charge your credit/debit card the retail purchase price amount of $94.90($89.95 + $4.95 Shipping & Handling) beginning on the 30th day from the order date and every 30 days continuously thereafter until you choose to cancel your Subscription in writing.”

I want you to REALLY LOOK AT THAT!

If you do not cancel in writing within 14 days (and let’s figure it’ll take 5 days for the product to get to you in the first place), they will bill you $89.95 FOR THE FREE PRODUCT you already received.

THEN, perhaps before you even realize your credit card has been billed, they’ll send you another bottle and bill you $94.90 for that. This will go on EVERY 30 DAYS until you tell them to stop – in writing!

Steer clear of this and similar scams!!

UPDATE – Apr. 6, 2017

This scam is taking on a life of it’s own – all “good scams” do because scammers love to copy successful scammers.

I received one today, using Amazon as their hook. I completed the survey and arrived at the reward page and selected one that was marked “30-day Anti-Aging System.” This pop-up was displayed:

This tells me that the scammers may have decided to add one more layer of CONVINCING, so they’re thrown Dr. Oz into the mix. They also added a TIME LIMIT to compel you to act quickly and not overthink things.


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