Flawless Turmeric Diet Scam

Guess what! Another scam is using the Shark Tank brand (and the ubiquitous “cake” photo) to sell a weightloss “miracle.” This time, it’s Flawless Turmeric Diet. Imagery appropriation and testiphonials including Sandra Bullock, Meghan Mullally, and Eva Longoria support the scam.

Also, we at CelebriCHECK would like to point out that this scam is based on turmeric. Skip the scam BS and buy it in the grocery store like everyone else.

Flawless Turmeric Diet is just another run of the mill scam using the Shark Tank brand and celebrity testimonials to sell their crappy weightloss miracle. We see the image to the right every single week. The story never changes. We always see Anna and Samantha. They always cry when every Shark backs their product. After the show, they always celebrate with the Sharks in the studio with a massive cake and champange.

If you only read the story once, it’s probably touching. Now “Anna” and “Samantha” scammers are just pushing our buttons and stealing from people using the recycled materials.

In reality, “Anna and Samantha” are Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught. We’ve told their story in our articles before, but the gist is that they were backed for their swim line – Raising Wild. If you want to learn more about them, read their About Us page.

Celebrity Personas:

With this scam and every scam using the same copy-and-paste story, celebrity testiphonials are the spine of the sales pitch. The celebrities pictured vary with the product, but are all misusing brands. In this case, Meghan Mullally, Sandra Bullock, and Eva Longoria.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll see that the image of Meghan Mullally (left) references “Turmeric Forskolin.” Throughout the scam the product is labelled as Flawless Turmeric Diet or turmeric forskolin or tumeric + forskolin. They’re all referencing the same product. Typically, this approach gives scammers a variety of names to play with for marketing and makes their scam brand more likely to appear in search engine searches.

Before & After:

Flawless Turmeric Diet uses the exact same before and after images that appeared in our CLA Slim Quick scam from January. As expected, the scam also uses the same “Anna and Samantha” story and Shark Tank imagery. Two of the stolen before and after success stories are Lacey Johnson and Andrea Spender.

“Lacey Johnson” (far right) is one such example. Her real name is Ginny, and she achieved her weight loss with a change of diet, lifestyle, and surgery. Click here to see Ginny’s real page and read her story.

“Andrea Spender” (near right) is really Kate Writer. Kate, like Ginny, has nothing to do with Flawless Turmeric. She earned her weight change through careful diet changes and an exercise regimen that helped her lose over 115 pounds in under a year. You can learn more about Kate and her REAL weight loss story by clicking here.

Another Subscription Scam

Flawless Turmeric Diet is a subscription scam. The scammers have hidden predatory terms within the Terms & Conditions. This scam, like many others, relies on the victim buying a product expecting it to be a one-time purchase. In reality, the victim is opting into a monthly subscription that will change a credit card every month until cancellation. Cancelling is a problematic experience as it is only possible by phone; representatives are NOT standing by to respond to your complaints.

If you keep your “free” trial bottle, you opt into the subscription and will be retroactively charged for the bottle. Cancelling your trial is only possible if you leave the bottle sealed and return it — which still costs a restocking fee. In all, this scam costs about $50 per month…

…unless a victim forgets to opt out of the additional “Ozone Upsell.”

2.4 OZONE UPSELL – once you purchase Flawless Turmeric Diet, you will be given the oppertunity to purchase a membership to theOnline Fitness Pro Trainer Online Bootcamp and Weight Loss System! This is an instant access pass, your benefits start today! Your membership will continue until you cancel.

Ozone costs an additional $30 per month, and is sure to be equally difficult to cancel. Also – oppertunity. Scammers are unbelievable.

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