Formula Focus

So, Dr. Oz did interview Donald Trump when he was running for President, and the purpose of the interview was to discuss his health, but “Formula Focus” was never discussed nor endorsed by either party.

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements.

To see Dr. Oz’s interview of Donald Trump, click here.

This scam is remarkably similar to the InteliGEN scam I posted about previously. They use the same celebrity images and media references.

They used the same testi-phonials as InteliGEN – word for word  (but changed the product names), and the same names for the supposed commenters, but switched the photos. Check it out:

This one is from InteliGEN…

And this one if from Formula Focus…

You’d think if they used their own product, they’d have enough intelligence to write unique testi-phonials!


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