Garcinia Melt & Nutra Forskolin

Here’s another that brings name dropping to a whole new level. The spam email I received had a pic of English television personality, Vicky Pattison. Then, when you visit the site, it they use Miranda Lambert, Paula Dean, Dr. Oz, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, ABC, CBS, NBC, E! Entertainment, Fox News, TMZ, and HLN. NONE of whom/which have endorsed the product.

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE endorsements!

Yet another miracle weight loss product that lies like hell to try to get your money. I mean, who did the NOT include on their list of FAKE ENDORSEMENTS?

As if using celebrity images isn’t bad enough, they also put words in their mouths, including:

“Doctor Oz and Paula Dean discuss Garcinia Melt and how it helped her lose 30 pounds.”

“Miranda Lambert claims the Garcinia Melt and Nutra Forskolin combo were the key factors in losing 45 lbs. in just five weeks!”

“I Couldn’t believe how quickly I saw the effects… and the fact that I could eat whatever I want when I want and still lose weight!” – Carrie Underwood


No surprises here – any con artist who will create FAKE celebrity endorsements sure as Hell won’t flinch when it comes to creating PHONY TESTIMONIALS (Testiphonials).

Following in the footsteps of their fellow scammers, they pirated Facebook actual Facebook profiles and fabricated glowing reviews using those people’s accounts. Poor Tohloria Lewis – her pirated profile has been used to create testiphonails for skin creams, pain relief products, weight loss products, and more. And she’s PISSED. See my post on 5 Tips for Spotting Scams for more on Tohloria.


A bikini-clad Kim Kardashian welcomes you to the purchase page where you’re encouraged to, “Claim Your Free Bottle Today!”

It’s only after you provide your contact information, however, that you’ll learn it’s not really a “free bottle” – it’s a BUY TWO bottles at $39.95 each, plus shipping and handling, and get one free offer. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a FREE bottle.

BOTTOM LINE – Just say NO… and once you’ve done that, say NO again. 🙂



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