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Mark Cuban is the latest of the “Sharks” to find their likeness and name used to hawk a scam. As you read this post, remember, Mark Cuban IS NOT A PART OF THIS SCAM – he’s a victim too.

I have received over 50 emails in my inbox in the past 24 hours that are using Cuban’s name to lure people into a well-established work from home scam.

Email subject lines include (but they are always adding new ones):

  • Mark Cuban releases life changing product on Shark Tank
  • Mark Cuban Makes OMINOUS Prediction — US Economy In Serious Trouble
  • Mark Cuban Warns: Economy Is In TROUBLE
  • Mark Cuban releases life changing product on Shark Tan
  • When billionaire Mark Cuban talks about the habits that made him rich, I listen.
  • Billionaire’s give advice on how anyone can start acquiring wealth.
  • Mark Cuban Issues OMINOUS Warning / US Economy In Deep Trouble

UPDATE – April 3, 2017: New subject lines and spam emails now also reference Donald Trump, Anderson Cooper and Warren Buffet.

Many of the scam pages are designed to look like media pages, including Forbes and US News. See the image at the top of this article and you’ll get a sense of how far they’re going.

The page leads in with the image of Cuban being interviewed by Dave Ramsey, then proceeds to go on-and-on with lots of text, very little detail, and many links to the product they want you to buy. They even included a picture of Mark with Suze Orman for good measure and in an attempt to show you how solid this program is!

Click on any link on that page, and you’ll land on a page where you have to enter your name and email address to proceed to the purchase page.

This is really special because, even if you don’t go ahead with the purchase, they’ll have your email address to sell to other scammers. Make no mistake about it, your email address has value to con men.

If you fill this in and move on to “check for availability,” you’ll reach a page that is interminably long and, again, offers no real information about what the program is. Instead, you’ll see a bunch of testimonials (I call them “testi-phonials”), pictures of people living in luxury, sports cars, yachts, beautiful homes, and other trappings of the successful lifestyle they want you to believe you’re about to buy.

If you still haven’t bailed out, and if you do make a purchase, be prepared – this purchase kicks off a whole new set of scams.

First, you’ll get a phone call telling you that “a few select people” (like you and anyone else who has money they’re willing to part with) are able to participate in their COACHING, MENTORING, TRAINING, or whatever the name du jour is. They’ll ask you some questions that will give them a sense of how much credit card debt you can take on, and will price your personalized coaching accordingly. That’s right – if you only have a low limit card, they might only charge you $5oo for the coaching. If you have more credit available, the same coaching might come with a price tag of $1,500.

But wait, there’s more. These people are like a damned cutlery commercial! If you buy into the coaching, they’ll try to sell you a website (using their vendor), encourage you to set up a business entity (using their vendor), and a bunch of other “great services” that are supposed to help you succeed.

At the end of the day, the only people making money are the people who are running this con.


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