Nouveau Scam is Back (with a Twist)!

The scammers at Nouveau have either lost their minds or changed their minds. Last week, it was Joanna Gaines stolen persona that was used to sell Nouveau’s nonsense. This week, it’s Kate Middleton. Rest assured, whatever face is plastered on Nouveau’s bottles of BS – it’s you that’s getting ROYALLY screwed.

On February 16th, CelebriCHECK ran an article to raise awareness of the Nouveau scam and their use of Joanna Gaines reputation to sell the product. We outlined the fabricated story and shared a few of the testiphonials used to promote the scam creme. You can read all about it HERE.

This week, the same product is running a completely different story. It’s equally absurd, but features a royal twist. In the latest story, Kate Middleton has drawn the ire of Queen Elizabeth by shunning her royal duties to perfect a secret beauty formula – Nouveau Beauty Cream.

If you believe the scammer’s story, the Queen is pissed. Honestly, I would be too. Kate is running off to reinvent a miracle creme that Joanna Gaines literally only finished inventing last week. Kate’s even elected to use the same product name!

In this iteration of the scam, we have a whole new host of celebrity testiphonials. Last week’s Nouveau scam used Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, and Mariah Carey. This week, the scam is using a completely different collection of faces, but has retained the totally ridiculous fabriquotes to go with them. Featured this week are:

The scam itself hasn’t changed. The scammers are still referring victims to the same website with the same imagery and the same artificial scarcity. We won’t rehash all the details, because you can read them here. What we will do is reiterate that NOUVEAU IS A SCAM. PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT WILL COST YOU LOTS OF MONEY AND BREAKING THE “SUBSCRIPTION” CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT.

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