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Arrived as spam in my inbox with the sender listed as “Oz Weight Solution” and the subject line “”The secret to how Christina Aguilera got her slim figure for bathing suit weather.” This product is NOT endorsed or sold by Dr. Oz, Christina Aguilara, or any of the other celebrities mentioned in this celebrity-filled scam.

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements!

Yet another scammer trying to leverage the weight loss successes of celebrities – this time they’re pushing a product called Pro Lean Forskolin.

The site, which is designed to look like the CNN site, includes references to more celebrities and media outlets than you can shake a stick at, including ABC, Carrie Underwood, CBS, Christina Aguilera, CNN, Dr. Oz, E! Entertainment Network, Ellen DeGeneres, Fox News, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Melissa McCarthy, NBC, and Paula Dean.

They’ve also posted celebrity FABRIQUOTES, including this one they created for Melissa McCarthy:

“The only thing I did was took these pills. They’re a natural weight loss supplement called Pro Lean Forskolin . They’re totally safe.” ~ Melissa McCarthy

It’s a statement that flies in the face of everything the star has actually said in her REAL media interviews. (You can see an interview with her on CBS This Morning here and at 6:06 she addresses her weight loss.)

There are plenty of TESTIPHONIALS for the consumer who wants to know what “real people” think of the product.

Following in the footsteps of their scamming brethren, they’ve pirated Facebook account images and identities and made up “testimonials” to help convince consumers to buy.

Scammers are lazy though, the profiles they’re using have been used by dozens of other scammers and it’s just starting to get old!

These are REAL people who are also victims of these scammers. They’ve been inundated by people who want to know about their “experience” with the product. See my post on avoiding scams for more on this.


A bikini-clad woman welcomes you to the purchase page where you’re encouraged to, “Claim Your Free Bottle Today!”

It’s only after you provide your contact information, however, that you’ll learn it’s not really a “free bottle” – it’s a BUY TWO bottles at $39.95 each, plus shipping and handling, and get one free offer. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a FREE bottle.

BOTTOM LINE – Just say NO… and once you’ve done that, say NO again. 🙂


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