Pure Forskolin Slim

Pure Forskolin Slim affiliates are using Megyn Kelly’s name to try to pump their product out into the marketplace. This product is NOT endorsed by Kelly.

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements!

First, let me just show you this image.

The picture at the top of this article is from the spam email I received promoting this product (FIRED).

The image on the left is from the page that the email link leads to (HIRED).

I’m so confused.

The site has been designed to fool visitors into thinking they are on the Us Weekly magazine site, but look at the URL, and you’ll see that you are NOT.

These folks also included pictures of Jimmy Fallon and Dr. Oz, because why settle for one celebrity when you can have three!

The page is littered with “before and after” pictures of people who supposedly had great success using this product. I was able to find those images on other sites, posted by the actual people showing their postpartum weight loss. They have NOTHING to do with the product being sold.

On the order page, where they offer their FREE BOTTLE (and where they feature a huge picture of Dr. Oz), you discover that there is not really a free offer. Rather, it’s a buy 3 get 2 free offer – and the price is mighty steep. But you wouldn’t buy a product from someone who’s told so many lies to get you to that point anyway… would you?!


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