Pure TILT Garcinia Cambogia and Pure TILT Forskolin – Ivanka Trump

For this con, scammers are using the heading, “Ivanka Trump Shocks Presidential Candidate Donald Trump By Finally Admitting To Using Controversial New “Skinny Pill” To Drop The Baby Weight.” But Ivanka is NOT endorsing this product.

DO NOT purchase this product based on this false representation.

I’ve alerted you about this product – Pure TILT Garcinia Cambogia and Pure TILT Forskolin – already, but this is the first time I’ve seen Ivanka Trump’s image and name associated with it.

This scam is largely the same as the one I wrote about here and here.

But I did uncover this fun Photoshopping job that I’d like to share with you since I know you find them as amusing as I do!

Here’s the photo the scammers have posted to show Ivanka beaming as she holds up one of their miracle pills. This is accompanied by this FABRIQUOTE:

“TMZ Exclusive Interview Featuring Ivanka – “I was worried that I’d never get my body back again. I tried the workouts, the therapies, but nothing worked. Surgery was on my mind, but was never a reality for me. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My colleagues recommended Pure TILT Garcinia Cambogia and Pure TILT Forskolin , something they had seen on a Dr. Oz episode. It didn’t take long after my consult with Dr. Oz until I was on the over the counter regiment until I saw results- less than a week!”

Nice try, scammers. I found the original photo and that’s not even Ivanka’s hand. Another person’s hand was added to the photo to fool consumers.

My hat’s off to you, at least you got the color of the sleeve right, but you probably didn’t think anyone would isolate the sleeve and take a closer look.

The cuff on the scam hand is an off-black color with a ribbed knit – probably a sweater.

I guess the only thing left to say is DON’T BUY THE STORY OR THE PRODUCT!!


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