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Well, isn’t this precious?! Scammers are now including doctored “before & after” images of Gabourey Sidibe,  but everything is not as it appears.

DO NOT purchase this product based on this false representation.

See that photo at the top of this article? Take a good look at the face of the woman on the right. That’s definitely Ms. Sidibe’s face.

Now, take a look at this photo.

Same body, different face – but this face is actually attached to the body.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Marquita Pring, a popular “plus size” model who has been featured in ads for Levis and graced many a catwalk.

Lovely as both ladies are, they are NOT the same person and neither endorses of promotes Pure TILT Garcinia & Pure TILT Forskolin.

The scammers also include before & after images of Kirstie Alley and claim she used their products to lose weight. Hmmm… as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, I think both Alley and Jenny Craig would have something to say about that.

Of course, a scammer’s page would not seem complete without phony testimonials and this page doesn’t disappoint.

At the bottom of the page, consumers will find a batch of glowing reports from people who are using and loving the products.

But, if you look at them and compare them to the testi-phonials that are used by other scammers/scams reviewed on this site, you’ll find that they are using the same pirated Facebook profiles across dozens of sites. Read my post about Spotting Scams and you’ll see what I mean.


If, in spite of the outright lies and deception, you decide to move forward and get a free trial of the product, you might want to read their “Terms of Trial” first. It states:

“When you place your initial order by checking that you agree to the terms and clicking the “Rush My Trial” button, we will send you 1 bottle (a 30 day supply) of our product. If you don’t cancel your PureTILT Garcinia trial before the end of the 14-day trial time, you will be charged the full price of $79.94 for the trial product in hand and every thirty days thereafter, you will be charged $79.94 + $4.94(S&H) and automatically receive an additional 30 day supply of our product.

In short, your free trial signs you up for an auto-charge, auto-ship program in which your credit card will be hit for $80+ every 30 days, but the first charge will be JUST 14 DAYS AFTER YOU PLACE THE ORDER FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL!


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