Scam: Beaute Anti-Aging Serum – Melania Trump

Scammers are working their way through the first family. I’ve posted about scams featuring the POTUS, Ivanka and Ivana, and now this skin care scam featuring FOTUS – Melania Trump. She does NOT endorse this product.

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements.

Regardless of how you feel about the first family, nobody likes a scammer – especially the type that creates fake endorsements to push their useless products on consumers.

I found this scam through an ad on Facebook that showed a picture of Melania Trump with a black eye and the caption, “BREAKING: First Lady in Critical Condition,” and leads to a page that looks like the People magazine website.


Take a look at the “black eye” photo at the top of this post. Photoshopped much? Look at those mouths – the scammers stretched them out so much they look like the Joker! Seriously?

Another scammer did the “black eye” thing with photos of Barbara Corcoran a short while ago – I guess this scammer envied that scammer’s success and stole the idea. No honor among thieves – it’s a damn pity.

Speaking of Photoshopping, check out these supposed “before & after” photos. The one on the left looks a little “rough” compared to the one on the right, but…

Here’s the original photo BEFORE the scammers added some extra wrinkles and pores.

A picture used to be worth a thousand words, now it’s worth second guessing.


These folks included a picture of Christie Brinkley in their ad along with this FABRIQUOTE, “I’m 61 and look 35 thanks to the ingredients found in Beaute Anti-Aging Serum” – Christie Brinkley

One BIG PROBLEM, guys. Christie has her own skin care line and there’s no way in Hell she’d be endorsing a competitive product.

This con comes complete with TESTIPHONIALS and a “free trial” that will take the credit card you use to pay the $4.95 shipping fee with, and charge you $80+ every 30 days until you cancel.

Do you really want to trust your skin to people who pull these kinds of stunts to get your money? Me neither!


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