For Celebrities, Companies, and Attorneys

If you or your client are a high-profile individual or company whose name and/or likeness is being used without permission to “imply endorsement” of a product that you are not associated with, it can lead to all kinds of headaches, frustration, and reputation damage.

Scammers and affiliate marketers have become extremely brazen – grabbing celebrity images and corporate logos and posting them with fabricated quotes, fake interviews, and other language geared toward convincing consumers that they are actually promoting and profiting from the sale of the product.

I’ve spoken with celebrities who are buried under Tweets and email from irate consumers who feel they’ve been betrayed. Who felt they could trust the product because they trusted the celebrity. Who were lead astray by scammers, but believe the celebrity was involved.

The celebrity goes into damage control mode – responding, explaining, apologizing – but can rarely figure out where the scam hails from and who is responsible, let alone how to shut them down.

Scammers are smarter than you might think, and they are rabid networkers – sharing their methods for pulling off a con without leaving much of a trail. It can be daunting for celebrities and their attorneys to navigate in their world of roadblocks, fake names, and cloaked identities.

That’s where CelebriCHECK comes in.

I can help you get to the bottom of the scam and give you sound advice and direction on how to make it stop!

If your name, likeness and reputation are being used and abused by scammers and you’re ready to shut them down, email me at or call me at (860) 933-1471.