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Where to begin… This scam arrived in my inbox with the subject line, “Angelina Jolie Reveals Brad’s Love-Making Tips,” and a post header stating, “Shocking News: Angelina Jolie Reveals The All-Natural Miracle Pill That Cured Brad’s ED Permanently! Angelina: ‘Special Thanks To Dr. OZ’.”

Rest assured, neither Brad, Angelina or Dr. Oz are promoting or endorsing this product!

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE celebrity endorsements!

Disguised as the Fox News site, this scam turns into an R-rated narrative as you dig into the text – one of the “softer” statements being:

“In less than an hour my husband woke up with rock hard super stiff erection, and believe me, when I say we banged for 1 hour and 45 minutes straight, that’s no exaggeration!”


“There was tons screaming and a lot of sweat. I had the perfect ride, the best I’ve ever had! I was finally satisfied and he was too. I expected the pill to work, but this was way more than I had expected.”

There’s also a great FABRIQUOTE from Angelina Jolie – “It’s amazing! I have never seen Brad like this before, when he takes it, my libido increases as well.”

After a full page of soft-core hard-sell text, if you decide to go for the “FREE TRIAL” bait, you’ll be prompted to enter your contact information before you move on to the final order page.

Then, as a last step, you are asked to enter  your credit card details to cover a $0.99 “Reservation fee” and $4.99 for a “Shipping” fee. At this point, you might think you’ll only be charged $5.98 for your FREE trial, but you’d be wrong.

Scroll down the page (something most people won’t do), and you’ll find the Terms & Conditions that reveal how your FREE trial could end up costing you a small fortune. The Terms state:

“You are reserving your place in the Viarexin trial today for just 99 cents. When your trial bottle is shipped you will be charged and agree to pay $4.99 for shipping. We will ship your initial bottle of Viarexin to the address provided, please check your email receipt to make sure the address it shows is accurate. You will have 15 days from today to try Viarexin and decide if it is for you. If you like Viarexin and want to keep your trial bottle you don’t need to do anything. 15 days from today you’ll be billed $89.99 for your trial bottle, and will be enrolled in the monthly automatic refill program where we will ship you a fresh bottle every 30 days and bill you automatically. You may cancel at any time.”

In short, unless you remember to cancel, your credit card will be hit with a charge of $89.99 just 15 days after you place the order for the free trial. And you’ll be charted at least another $89.99 every 30 days after that until you DO cancel.

At the very least, this scam should arouse your skepticism!


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