VigorThrive – Hugh Hefner

VigorThrive is the latest male sex-enhancing scam to hit the internet. On a site designed to look like Men’s Health magazine, and featuring Hugh Hefner, the scammers pull out all the stops to deceive consumers.

DO NOT purchase this product based on these FAKE endorsements!

Hugh Hefner, Playboy’s founder and notorious… well, playboy, was just their lead in.

This photo-slinging scammer features some of the biggest names in Hollywood in their attempt to woo men to the purchase page, including Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Bradley Cooper and George Clooney.

They created this FABRIQUOTE for Hefner, “Any man can perform for up to 2 hours with this stuff, without it I’d be in trouble.”


The scammer, posing as Men’s Health magazine, says, “we chose our Health & Science Editor, Alan Frasier,” to test the product. They included this photo of Frasier.

Unfortunately for them, we’re smarter than they are and found out in about 30 seconds that the photo is a stock image stolen from this photographer’s website.

They’ve created a made-up diary of feedback from “Alan Frasier” and, of course, he LOVES the product. Duh.


While this con doesn’t involve an auto-bill, auto-ship like others to, the free offer is not what they want you to think it is either.

You have to buy at least TWO bottles at $39.99 each, in order to get your “free” bottle.

Bottom line – anyone who has to tell so many lies about their product, probably doesn’t have a very good product in the first place.


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