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CelebriCHECK investigates and reveals scams that use fake celebrity endorsements, fabricated associations with companies, and false media connections to convince consumers to purchase their products.

Whether you’re a celebrity or company (or their lawyer) whose identity is being used by scammers, or a consumer who wants to check on the validity of an offer that APPEARS TO BE endorsed by a celebrity, this site is for you!

Navigating the site is easy!

You’ll find post categories in the right column of each page – these are sorted by Celebrity Names, Company/Media Names, Product Names, and Product Types.

If you’ve come here to check on a particular product, you can check that list OR USE THE SEARCH box in the upper right section of the right-side bar.

Read the posts – they are informative and, at times, comical. 

You’ll find the newest posts on the home page, with the newest at the top and other posted in descending order. When you get the the bottom of the page, you’ll see an <<OLDER POSTS link right below the final post. Click that to see previous posts.

Learn to protect yourself

Read our post with “5 Tips for Spotting Scams” – it’s good stuff and everyone needs to know it.


That’s it! Dig in!

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